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Hello again!

I am grateful you're taking the time to explore my site and read a little bit about me. I love bringing my humanness, passion for psychology & self awareness, advocacy, and humor here and into the therapy room. I hope this information can ease some anxiety before booking if you think we might be a good match for your journey.

Read a bit more about me below!

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My Story

I am a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist. I graduated from the University of Rochester in late 2019 with my masters degree. Currently, I specialize in working with neurodiversity, eating disorders, perinatal mental health, and trauma. I am working towards my certification on Neurodiverse Couples Counseling through AANE and will be fully certified by the end of 2023! I specialize in EMDR & Brainspotting techniques for trauma, and have various experiences working with compassion and mindfulness focused practices. I highly value collaborative care, and believe that connecting with an entire holistic and professional team for my client's care will bring the best outcomes. 


Personally, I grew up in Upstate, NY and moved to Rochester in 2017. That was certainly a huge adjustment coming from a fairly small town to the city life. I'm a podcast queen and a fairly big introvert. In my spare free time, I binge true crime TV and make custom mental health themed T-Shirts. My biggest weakness is buying too many hardcover books, but never reading them... audiobooks are my timesaver! I have a bold, vivacious one year-old, and two rambunctious cats that constantly keep me running. I love traveling around the Finger Lakes together and my absolute favorite place to be is swimming or kayaking in Canandaigua lake in the summer! Lavender and coffee are two of my absolute favorite smells, and I love the color turquoise. 

I recently found out my own neurodivergency in the fall of 2022, I'm still navigating what that has meant for me. I do bring this up some times in the therapy room too, since it's real and want to normalize it for others and even myself after a life time of trying to keep it all together! I now have a major passion for helping others unmask and understand their unique needs therapeutically as individuals and couples. Recently, I have realized that oftentimes, many of the traditional or "neurotypical" therapies and theories often just "don't work" for us out of the box thinkers, empaths, and creatives. Sadly, due to many stigmas and stereotypes of this traditional way of treating mental health, there are just too many gaps in care and knowledge. But, I am hoping to help bridge that gap for others that may be trying to cope with some conditions like ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, PTSD, TBI, Dyslexia, and more to live empowered lives.

I am a proud board member of KMB for Answers & affiliate for Kindred Connection. Both are local nonprofits based in Rochester, NY. 


Interested in scheduling a first session or inquiring for professional reasons? Please reach out!


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